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    Submitted by: Brittany Easterling
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    We live in a world consumed by entertainment and media. From what we know from earliest recorded history, we humans have always sought ways to entertain ourselves and others. Entertainment has come in the form of music, art and storytelling, and we are still enthralled with these; the only difference is that the...
    Submitted by: hagler
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    In an effort to increase engagement and awareness of our clients' milestones, we at MCN try to make it a point to coincide big events in their careers with exciting online promotions. For example, we just launched an Instagram contest for Dierks Bentley to help make fans aware of the new EP that he will be...
    Submitted by: basak
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    Making Sense of Drupal Development I distinctly remember my initial impression of Drupal: “why in the world would I use this?” Roughly 2 years ago, Drupal was a confusing landscape of terminology, technology and arcane methodologies – to me, at least. For a time, I considered treating it strictly...
    Submitted by: josh
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    Imagine this... One day you are driving home and you pass a car dealership of a little known brand. You pull in. The cars are beautiful and share all of the same features, but each has it’s own distinct styling. You take a look around and decide to speak to a salesperson. Buyer - “Excuse me, how much...
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    I don't miss the old days of social networking. It was just more complicated when everyone was trying to get in to the space. The history of technology shows us that oftentimes there will be one major company, one major competitor and several, much smaller alternatives. The trend continues, though paradigm...
    Submitted by: hagler
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