Architect Your Website for Success

Three weeks ago, a web development friend of mine called me crying. She was upside down on a project and did not know what to do or who to turn to. The project she was working on was 3 weeks past due, the client was angry at her and her world felt like it was crashing down. After an hour of discussion and hashing over the particulars of the project, she hung up the phone calm and ready to attack what she originally thought was a hopeless situation.  

Ultimately, the root of all of her problems began at the beginning of the project during the first meeting with the client. One missed step was what set in motion a domino effect of bad communication, missed deadlines, blown budgets and, ultimately, lots of tears.

So what was the problem? Simply put, she and the client had failed to put together a well-established project plan.

Planning out the project prior to execution is a critical step that is often missed by even the most seasoned professionals in the website development industry. Preparing to develop a website is like preparing to build your house. There are a sequence of things that have to happen early in the process that will ensure that the house is built the way you want it.

When building a house, an architect is called in to help guide the direction of the house. How many rooms will there be? How big is the lot that the house will be placed upon? Will there be brick or stucco siding, hardwood floors or carpet? All of the above are questions that have to be answered before the first nail is hammered, and website planning is much the same way. You have to have an architect to help guide and direct the features, functionality and success of your web project. Without any planning, the project is sure to be chock full of missed expectations, "he said/she said" arguments and lots of frustration on both sides of the fence. The last thing you want is to be stuck in an upside down project because the architect missed a key step in the building process.

MusicCityNetworks prides itself on being a company that understands the importance of good project planning to ensure the success of your website design and build. We will help you determine what features and functionality are truly important to creating the vision you have for your company's website. We'll sit down and work with you from planning and strategy to completion, and you'll walk away with a beautiful website and successful tools to help your brand stand out in a crowded online world.