Monetizing with Online Promotions

In an effort to increase engagement and awareness of our clients' milestones, we at MCN try to make it a point to coincide big events in their careers with exciting online promotions. For example, we just launched an Instagram contest for Dierks Bentley to help make fans aware of the new EP that he will be releasing. The goal is to get fans invested in the concept of his single and possibly convert that interest into a digital sale.

The landing page we designed for Dierks' Instagram contest allows fans to peruse through the plethora of photos that other fans have "hashtagged" and then displays the winners we choose. The tracks from his new EP also stream in the background to give fans a taste of the music they can potentially buy. If we can use Dierks' digital presence to attract attention to his new album, we can ultimately increase his album sales. You can view the contest page here.

The more interesting, engaging and unique the promotions are, the more likely they are to be successful. The difficulty lies in coming up with fresh new ideas that fans will enjoy. As account managers, our ultimate goal is to monetize an artist's digital presence. If we can engage a fan to purchase an album, product, or fan club membership through our online initiatives, we've achieved success for our clients.