The Utter Collapse of Myspace - Incredible Chart!

MySpace had 45 million unique visitors in January, down from from 70 million the year prior.  This graph is the perfect example of why we at MCN, preach to directly capture as much user data as possible (email address, mobile #, etc.).  You have to go where your fans and clients are to market to them, but always be aware that if it's a platform you don't control, one day those "fans" or "friends" might be gone or useless.  Right now Facebook is the "it" social platform and will likely be around for years to come and learn from MySpace's mistakes.  That being said, it's always a best practice to try and capture email addresses by doing contests and promotions or even have a simple email update signup form on your Facebook page.  Give us a call and we'll share more of our philosphy and what we can do to help grow a fan database that you own.