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Monetizing with Online Promotions

In an effort to increase engagement and awareness of our clients' milestones, we at MCN try to make it a point to coincide big events in their careers with exciting online promotions. For example, we just launched an Instagram contest for Dierks Bentley to help make fans aware of the new EP that he will be releasing. The goal is to get fans invested in the concept of his single and possibly convert that interest into a digital sale.

Optimizing Engagement on Facebook

When it comes to engaging fans on Facebook, it can feel like there's a lot we don't know. On a personal level, Facebook is fantastic when you're just keeping up with friends and acquaintances, but it can also be a game-changer in spreading the word about your product or brand. Knowing when and with what frequency to push status updates and posts to your fan page can dictate the effectiveness of your interaction with your followers.

A Brand New Changes the Game

We've just launched Lady Antebellum's brand new site, and it's unique… to say the least. The concept behind the design was to set it apart from anything else that's currently out there in the digital world of country music.

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