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A Foot in the Door

Making Sense of Drupal Development

I distinctly remember my initial impression of Drupal: “why in the world would I use this?” Roughly 2 years ago, Drupal was a confusing landscape of terminology, technology and arcane methodologies – to me, at least. For a time, I considered treating it strictly as a job requirement, and avoiding it on a personal level. Luckily, my stubborn nature got the better of me, and here I am, extolling the virtues of Drupal, practically on a daily basis. What prompted this radical shift in perspective?

Anatomy of a Drupal Feature

The word "feature" tends to be nebulous, ambiguous and perhaps even overused in our industry. As a project manager, I often use it as a way to compartmentalize requests for an update, change or improvement to a website. It's a helpful word - one that gets the client and I on the same page and simplifies our communication.

On the Atypical and Wonderful Nature of Drupal Development

How I was forced to rethink everything I thought I knew about content management systems...

Movies and television shows tend to hyperbolize the world of programmers. They portray the industry as expressly convoluted and technical, filled to the brim with code, jargon and alienating logic – an industry whose job openings are reserved only for those few willing to sacrifice their social and family lives in the name of technology.

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