General F.A.Q.

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What is the Fan Club or Member Community?

The Fan Club/Member Community serves as an online community and resource for fans. The Fan Club is integrated with the website to allow exclusive content and interaction for users with community profiles.

When does my membership expire?

To check your member status, log into your account on the site. Your expiration date will appear in your profile or at the top of the page, you will see the expiration date. If it says "Upgrade iPass" instead of the expiration date, then your membership has expired and you may renew at any time.

I have a new email address. How can I change my information?

You can change or verify your info (including your e-mail address) by going to your Personal Account Manager or Profile upon signing in. You can do this by logging into the members section and clicking on the 'My Account'  or "My Profile" link.

Why am I not receiving email from the website?

We send email updates and newsletters to the email we have on file for you, so please ensure that the address is correct. Please be sure to check your Junk Mail folders if you have them. Certain Internet Service Providers have very strong filters, making it difficult for some of you to receive our emails. Make sure that all email website addresses (support@, mail@, noreply@) are in your address book, as some spam filters will disallow mail from sources not on your approved list.

How do I send an email to the artist?

The website provides regular reports to each artist on site activity, emails and forum activity. The artist also keeps their finger on the pulse of the website reading the online forum. For any and all contact information, please consult the artist's contact page.

How can I find out information about an order I placed in the Online Store?

Please first consult the artist's contact page for more information concerning who handles the online tour merch and exclusive Fan Club Merchandise. For stores operated by MCN, see the Online Store F.A.Q.

Will my personal information be shared or made public to any other entities?

No, for the information you provide to the website, you will only receive information regarding that artist. You may also receive information on promotions and announcements from companies directly affiliated with the artist. To read our complete privacy policy, click here.

How do I pay for a Fan Club Membership?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. We are not currently accepting checks.

I live outside of the U.S. and am having trouble placing an order with the proper shipping information. What should I do?

If you live outside of the US, be sure to select a "state" in the state drop-down menu - scroll to the very bottom and select one of the following options: AE, AA, AP. Also, provide your city name in the Province box.  If your zip code does not fit inside the zip code box correctly, insert it into the Province box as well.

As a Fan Club Member, will I be eligible for meet and greets with the artist?

Yes. You can submit your meet and greet requests online after logging into the members only section. The meet and greets have been reinstated on a lottery basis. Please note that some shows may not have a meet and greet due to extenuating circumstances. You are NOT guaranteed a meet and greet just by joining the fan club. Winners are drawn randomly out of hundreds for each show.

Will the artist be coming to my city this year?

All of this information is posted in the tour/calendar section as soon as it is confirmed. If a date is all of a sudden missing, then it has probably been cancelled or rescheduled. Sometimes the venues are unaware of the confirmed date before we are however that doesn't mean that the show is not going to happen. Please continue to check the site for updates. ***All dates, even those confirmed on this site, may be subject to change with little or no notice. Please be sure to confirm dates with the venue before traveling long distances.

When will tickets go on sale for my city?

All of this information is posted in the tour/calendar section as soon as it is confirmed. Pre-sale tickets are posted within the Member section of the site based on availability.

Who has access to pre-sale tickets?

Only members of the Fan Club are eligible to purchase pre-sale tickets. No yet a member? Visit the artist's Fan page today! Notice: We have a no refund policy and do not tolerate fans purchasing memberships just to get access to presale tickets, then expecting a refund if they do not get them. Please read all presale ticket information before buying your membership.

Which seats will be available though the pre-sale process?

The artist's agreement with the ticket vendor(s) makes select seating available to Fan Club Members before it is made available to the general public. Once the pre-sale window has expired, these tickets will return to public access. The location of the Fan Club seats may vary at each concert. It is important to note that members who make the effort may very well find it possible to purchase better seats through the normal ticket outlets than those held through the Fan Club. However, please be aware that we do our best to secure as many prime seats as possible for our members.

Which shows will be available for pre-sale?

Pre-sale tickets are made available via an agreement between the artist and the ticket vendor(s). Only shows which the vendor are handling/promoting will be made available for pre-sale. All shows that are to be made available will be announced via the website in advance of the pre-sale date as that information is made available to the Fan Club. Please do not email asking if a particular show will be made available or not; the answer can be found based on the presale ticket availability on the artist's tour/calendar page. 

The show is not listed on the ticket vendor's website. Is it really available?

Shows advertised on the artist's site are arranged through the ticket vendor(s). However, the show may not display on the vendor's site as the local vendor office or the venue might still be working on the show and have not made it visible online.

How will I know when pre-sale tickets are available for the show I am interested in?

Pre-sale dates will be announced to members on the website and via email. In general, tickets will go on sale to Fan Club Members the Wednesday or Thursday before they are made available to the general public, and continue for a set amount of time. Pre-sale dates and times will also be announced in the tour/calendar section.

Why isn't the show in my area having a pre-sale?

Not all shows will be available for presale. Festivals Events, fairs, and other general admission shows typically are not offered on a presale basis. Presales from other arena shows may be announced late due to difficulty confirming the presale ticket locations within the venue. Presale ticket events are posted immediately on the website tour/calendar page as soon as they are confirmed and the information relayed to us.

How long will the pre-sale be available

Normally the presale begins the Wednesday before the public sale and ends the Friday before the public sale. Circumstances may alter these dates and times so exact dates/times will be posted on the website tour/calendar page as soon as they are confirmed.
*Please Note: We have a NO REFUND policy. We do not guarantee that every member will be able to get pre-sale tickets through the fan club. Just as any show can sell out of tickets, so can the pre-sales. We encourage you to experience the fan club in it's entirety as there are many benefits to being a member.

Ticketmaster is having a pre-sale. How do I get my pre-sale code?

Ticketmaster presales are not associated with the Fan Club, so we do not have the code to access their presales.

How do I get my unique member code to access the pre-sale area?

YOU WILL NOT NEED A CODE TO PURCHASE PRE-SALE TICKETS. You may link directly to the Pre-sale ticketing page by visiting the artist's tour/calendar page.

How much are tickets?

We will not be posting ticket prices in advance. They will be posted on the vendor's site during the pre-sale before you purchase them.

The 'best available' seats seem to fluctuate. Why is that?

The vendor sites hold the tickets that fans are "looking" at while they are deciding whether they want those seats. When seats are being looked at by one fan, they cannot be looked at by others, so it can appear there are no tickets left, but there usually are - the tickets are just on hold. This is also compounded by people trying out the pre-sale process who have no intention of buying tickets to the particular show.

How many tickets can I purchase?

Please check the artist's tour/calendar page or Ticketing F.A.Q. for details.

How do I access my tickets?

You will be provided with a link to the pre-sale ticket area on the vendor's website. There, you should be able to purchase your maximum number of tickets.

What is the MusicCityNetworks iPass and why do I need one?

Some of our sites use the iPass to manage your profile.  Think of the MCN iPass as your identity on MusicCityNetworks. Because MusicCityNetworks provides online fan clubs for many different artists and entertainers, with your iPass, you will be able to access the online communities of any of your other favorite artists that are on the MCN network*. With your same identity (iPass), your registered email and password will be valid anywhere you see the iPass login. Also attached to your iPass will be your billing information (optional), shipping information, and email preferences. Instead of trying to remember several login names and passwords, MCN combines all of your access into one easy to maintain profile. As the network grows, you will soon realize the ease this provides when staying involved in your favorite artists' forums and fan club sites.
* Fan clubs may require payment for access to their exclusive content.

I have a question that is not answered here.

Please check the artist's contact page to see who you need to contact. You may also email us at As a Fan Club Member, you may also wish to use the Technical Support Forum on the Message Boards if available.