Viral marketing with swagger.

We believe consumers are your biggest ambassadors.  When they love you they will scream your name from the rooftops...or get everyone in their company to sponsor a soldier by purchasing your CD and sending them overseas (true story). 

What we developed is our online engagement tool we call Mobilize. Mobilize is a companion to our MCN Social Network that turns your community into a global game.  It's a catalyst for greater ideas outside of your organization.

We created a system that lets users join for free, earn points by promoting a product or completing a story.  We built a messaging arsenal that allows users to go viral on social networks, message boards, even popular websites.  All of this is in competition with other users who compete for a Grand Prize.  Points may be redeemed for exclusive and one-of-a-kind merch in a Points Store. 

That's the spark.  What has impressed us is how creative your users are.  In every campaign we have powered, we have seen at least one truly unique idea take flight on a large scale.  Now it's easier than ever to empower your fans.