A social network on your network.

With MCN Social, you can put an integrated or stand-alone social network on your website.   Companies are using MCN Social to improve their products based on customer feedback as well as to develop deeper brand loyalty and creative promotions with their members.  Bands are using MCN Social to give their fans a gathering place on the web to meet each other, interact with the band, and launch local promotions across the world.

MCN Social is a smarter social network.  Not only do your members contribute content to the community, add friends, rate photos, videos, blogs, etc., but users can also expand the conversation to the larger social sites by pushing their updates to facebook and twitter.  This makes MCN Social a social network that is inherently social itself.  We have designed MCN Social to evolve, so when the next hot social network takes the stage, we can hook into the available APIs without skipping a beat.

If you're serious about growing a community around your brand, showcasing user-submitted content, and interacting with your consumers, MCN Social is a solution that puts the power, and data-capture, in your hands.